How Can We Serve You?

We love to collaborate and get creative! We design and deliver customized trainings for various groups-- for kids, seniors, and all ages in between, for corporations and non-profits, in the Monterey area and elsewhere. We offer specially-crafted meditations, trainings, and experiences for:


We start with a conversation, gathering information about the group's needs and culture beforehand in order to prepare trainings that are individualized, accessible, and useful...and then we stay flexible, leaving room for inspiration that comes in the moment! Our offerings are based on secular teaching, ancient wisdom, and current application, with an eye on providing a safe, comfortable environment for practice, growth, and community.

Beyond the Meditation Cushion

In addition to traditional sitting meditation, we offer practices that incorporate movement, interpersonal relating, and awareness of nature. Imagine meditating in our serene ocean-view studio, doing Qigong on Carmel Beach, playing Mindful Relating Games that cultivate authenticity and acceptance, or Forest Bathing in Del Monte Forest.

Just for YOU

We offer specially-crafted workshops and trainings for groups who are interested in incorporating mindfulness into their culture. Tailored curricula supports corporate and civic groups, educators, administrators, and others in incorporating the concepts and vocabulary of mindfulness and compassion. Help your group to:

  • Bring mindful awareness into their work and relationships as a group

  • Connect more authentically with each other

  • Deal with transitions and change in a way that leads to creativity and growth

  • Show up in the world with integrity, in coherence with your values

  • Find enjoyment, satisfaction, and wellbeing in the everyday

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Get in touch!

Connect with us by email at or by phone at (831) 373-1017 and start the collaboration!

If you're in the field of education, check out what we offer for schools at Mindful Education Project!