Founding Teachers


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Marianne Rowe, MS, LMFT

Marianne Rowe has been studying and practicing meditation since 1996. As founder of the Mindful Education Project, she has been teaching mindfulness to children, youth, and adults since 2007. Marianne also teaches courses in mindful relating and facilitates retreats to develop mindful awareness as an essential part of the creative process. Through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, she is a Certified Conscious Aging Facilitator and teaches workshops exploring emotional, psychological and spiritual responses to the challenges and opportunities of aging. As a Certified Forest Therapy Guide through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, Marianne leads Forest Bathing sessions, a way of sensing deep connection with the natural world through a meditative walk in the forest. In private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1986, Marianne focuses on healing, transformation and evolution through awareness and connection. Her therapeutic work incorporates developing consciousness of and integrating the physiological, cognitive, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of being.


Katie Dutcher, MA

Katie Dutcher has been an educator since 2004 and has studied and practiced meditation and mindfulness since 2009. She is a Qualified Teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through the Center for Mindfulness, and she has received training from Mindful Schools. She teaches mindfulness in area schools from elementary through graduate level, and she teaches MBSR at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. She has special interests in reflective writing, practicing mindfulness in daily life, and awareness of the natural environment. Katie writes about mindfulness and offers personal mindfulness coaching at


Studio Teacher


Jennifer Farley, MA, LPCC, BC-DMT

Jennifer Farley is a dance/movement therapist, licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC #2700) and shamanic healer currently in private practice. Jennifer believes the development of body awareness is essential to deepening personal insight and growth. Because of this, all of her offerings incorporate mindful body movement and/or body awareness practices. Jennifer has studied with renowned Shaman Jon Rasmussen, teacher and graduate of the Healing the Light Body School through The Four Winds. Currently, Jennifer offers individual and group services, as well as periodic workshops and retreats. Jennifer also lectures nationwide on incorporating movement and shamanic ritual into psychotherapy. Lastly, Jennifer writes a blog called Body Speaks that is focused on educating about the wisdom, power and resiliency of the body.


Invited Teachers


ValiAnna Francis

ValiAnna found the crystal singing bowls eight years ago in Mt. Shasta after a camping trip. She purchased two beautiful Alchemy crystal bowls, and after living with and playing them for herself, she realized how much they touched her heart and were transforming her life. She knew that she needed to share these powerful transformational tools with others. She has studied with Tom Kenyon, a world renowned Sound Healer, and received her sound healer's certification. ValiAnna has recently started her private practice in Pacific Grove. She facilitates groups sessions, home clearings, weddings, births, and final life transcendings. Her life's mission now is sharing the power of sound vibrations for the transformation of humanity. ValiAnna is a magikal alchemist, and with her many years of Shamanic studies, together with these special singing bowls, weaves a gentle opening and healing of the heart to the soul.

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Gail Root, MA

Gail Root has been supporting parents and families for decades as the founder and former director of Parents’ Place. In her retirement, she started Roots and Wings Parent Coaching to provide one-on-one guidance to help parents and grandparents find balance and joy in each stage of family development. With a life devoted to teaching, counseling, and guiding new parents into their most important role as loving caregivers, Gail has the perfect combination of child development knowledge as well as perinatal psychology experience. 


Patricia Wolff, DC, LMFT

Blending her skills as a trained psychotherapist, a classical homeopath, and a Doctor of Chiropractic, Patricia Wolff has been practicing in the field of natural health care for women and children for over 30 years. Her focus is on an integrated exploration into the care of our bodies, minds and spirits. Patricia is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist and is on the teaching council of the Monterey Bay Zen Center. In addition to her love of the outdoors, she brings curiosity, humor and meditation to this exploration of being human.