What We Offer


We offer opportunities to develop, sustain, and deepen your meditation practice while helping to create a diverse and supportive community of people interested in being, learning, and evolving.

With an eye on providing a safe, comfortable environment for practice, growth, and community, we at Monterey Bay Meditation Studio are committed to making mindfulness and compassion both accessible and relevant. With an intention of cultivating awareness and kindness as way of being in the world, we offer a variety of classes, workshops and retreats based on secular teaching, ancient wisdom, and current application.

In addition to guided and silent sittings, we provide opportunities for awakening the senses through nature, opening the heart through relationship, cultivating body awareness through movement, nourishing the soul through creative process, and developing community through shared exploration.

Our overall intention is to cultivate capacity for being aware and being kind.

Who We Serve

Our aim is to provide a safe harbor to support practitioners in beginning, sustaining, and deepening their practice.

For those who are new to meditation, mindfulness, and other contemplative practices, we provide a soft landing with regularly scheduled meditations and classes.

For those who are interested in refreshing and re-energizing their practice, we offer a supportive community dedicated to exploring and discovering together.

For those with an established practice, we offer space for stillness, for investigating new types of practice, and for discussion in service of deepening our wisdom and awareness.

How to Participate

Weekly Drop-in Practice Sessions

Pausing to meditate with a group, even for just 30 minutes, can support and refresh your practice. Each week, we provide opportunities to engage in silent and guided meditation, as well as movement practice in a safe, comfortable environment. Our goal is to offer opportunities to practice that are conveniently scheduled, low-cost, and approachable. There is no pre-registration required for drop-in practice sessions-- just show up and be present!

Courses, Workshops, & Retreats

Investing time in learning and practicing helps develop a solid foundation for cultivating awareness and engagement. We offer unique day-long and multi-session courses, workshops, and retreats which help build community, deepen experience, and explore topics related to mindfulness, daily life, and contemplation. Advance registration is required for these events.

May these offerings be of benefit to everyone involved, and to all the lives they touch.