People come to the Monterey Peninsula on California’s Central Coast for perfect weather, beautiful natural environments, and a peaceful, friendly atmosphere. To fully experience each moment of an unforgettable vacation, being present and aware is key.

Hoteliers and hospitality specialists: Add a uniquely inspiring experience to your guests’ trip. Let us offer your guests an opportunity to cultivate connection and meaning, to come away feeling refreshed and at ease.

Here are some ideas… and we’re open to yours as well!



Host meditations on site at the hotel or in a natural setting nearby. Offering a “breathing space” as an amenity to guests, morning or evening meditations can take their day from good to great.

Nature Experiences

Being in nature is a natural stress-reliever. Research has demonstrated that nature meditation cultivates a sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Let us lead your guests in “Meditation & Movement at the Beach” or “Forest Bathing” to connect with self, each other, and our amazing natural environment. It’s inspiring, grounding, and just plain fun!

For Your Team

Mindfulness isn’t just for vacationers! Cultivating present moment awareness helps folks in the hospitality industry deal with the stressors of caring for others. Let us create a specialized training for your group’s context and needs to develop a team culture that’s compassionate and supportive.



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