Monterey, California is known for its beauty, and it’s a place where “Inspired Moments in Meetings” can happen. To take in new and big ideas, to connect with colleagues, being present in the moment is key. Add an unforgettable experience to your meeting. Let us help participants to cultivate connection, and meaning, to come away feeling renewed and inspired.



Create a space at your event where people can take time away from input and stimulation to refresh and re-set. Offering guided meditation in this space helps participants to recharge and avoid a sense of “conference burnout.“


We’re skilled in adapting meditations and trainings to be applicable and accessible for each group’s context and needs. Whether it’s a 20-minute meditation to open or close a session, or a half- or full-day workshop or retreat, we can complement other planned events to create experiences that offer a chance for participants to ground themselves through meditation and gentle movement, team-build and connect with each other authentically through mindful relating, and even process transitions and change in a way that promotes creativity and growth.

Nature Experiences

We love to practice meditation and movement outdoors. Let us lead your group in “Meditation & Movement at the Beach” or “Forest Bathing” to connect with self, each other, and our amazing natural environment. Research has demonstrated that nature meditation cultivates a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We find it inspiring, grounding, and just plain fun.



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