Mindful Moment: Connect with Nature

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Sometimes it's stunning how much beauty there is around us, just waiting to be noticed. The natural world has a certain ability to calm us and inspire us. And while a big hike or a camping trip may be our ideal, there are ways to weave more bits of nature into every day.

Is there a window near you? Take a look. What do you see? Where is your eye drawn? What colors do you see? What is moving?

Is there a short walk you will take today, even just from your car to a building? Look up at the sky. Notice the clouds, notice how far your eye can see. 

How are you affected by what you see, hear, and smell around you?

Want more? Read Marianne's essay on nature meditation.

"Mindful Moments" is a series that Marianne and Katie developed as "micro-practices" with the intention of offering inspirations to pause, notice, connect, and reflect in the course of daily life. These are suggestions of ways to fold more moments of mindfulness into your day to cultivate "Being Aware & Being Kind."

If you'd like to have these in physical form, we've also made these photos into a desk set-- a deck of 31 cards, in a little bag along with an easel. You can take a look here.

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