Mindful Moment: Secret Buddy

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This is one of our favorite mindful moments because it's so wonderfully sneaky...and kind— not a combo you find very often! It's easy, just beam your kind wishes to a person, sending love and well-wishes from your heart to theirs. It doesn't have to be the "right" person, just the first person you think of, because every single person wants to be safe, happy, and well.

What happens when you try this? Well, there's a boomerang effect. Some of that warmth and compassion rubs off on you, and you may find yourself feeling happier and more connected. Then what? Try it and see!

And what happens when you send kind intentions to someone who kind of gets on your nerves or really bothers you? What is that like? Is it more difficult? What if you keep doing it anyway?

If you try this experiment, let us know how it goes! Spread the love!

(Try out a more formal practice of lovingkindness if you like!)

"Mindful Moments" is a series that Marianne and Katie developed as "micro-practices" with the intention of offering inspirations to pause, notice, connect, and reflect in the course of daily life. These are suggestions of ways to fold more moments of mindfulness into your day to cultivate "Being Aware & Being Kind."

If you'd like to have these in physical form, we've also made these photos into a desk set-- a deck of 31 cards, in a little bag along with an easel. You can take a look here.

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