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 A Series of Retreats

to Engage & Inspire Body, Heart, Mind, & Spirit


You're invited to join us

in refreshing the screen,

pulling away the veil,

and waking up in the wild…

in service of being aware and being kind

to yourself, all beings, and the world.


This summer and fall, join us for any or all of this series celebrating and cultivating our connection

to nature, to ourselves, and to each other:

four half-day retreats

one weekend retreat at Mount Madonna


Four Half-Day Retreats


Full Moon

July 27 with Jennifer Farley

Join us as we explore how the power of the moon influences us by its nature, and how through this understanding, we can build a conscious relationship with the moon as a support and faithful guide.


August 11 With Katie Dutcher

The forest beckons you to a half-day retreat to explore your inner landscape, the external natural world, and the connections between.

Mountains & Rivers

August 25 With Patricia Wolff

Join us as we come together by the river in Carmel Valley for meditation, celebration, nourishment and community. We explore our limited notions of self and our connection to the infinite Self.



September 9 with Marianne Rowe

Join us for this half-day retreat of exploration and experience: bringing full presence of open senses, heart and mind, surrendering to the awe of the Ocean’s teachings of Waking-Up in the Wild.


Weekend Retreat

at Mount Madonna


November 9-11 With Marianne Rowe, Katie Dutcher, Jennifer Farley, and Patricia Wolff

This retreat offers an opportunity to open your heart, cultivate spaciousness in your mind, and nourish your soul by stepping outside of routine and familiar into a world of beauty and state of wonder.