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River Flow

  • Carmel River State Beach (map)
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Do you ever find that you’re behaving rigidly? This can happen when life feels stressful or when we’re feeling threatened. It’s as if the mind unconsciously says, “NO” to everything that isn’t exactly as we wish it to be. While these rigid and controlling behaviors may be intended to keep us safe, we end up more unhappy when we’re reacting in this way.

So, what’s the alternative? Learning to flow, the way water does.

The movement of water is fluid, ever-changing, adaptable, and powerful. When water reaches an immovable object, it simply flows around it, finding another way.

In this half-day retreat, we will learn from the river as we weave together meditation, guided and intuitive movement, reflecting the qualities of water and embodying flow.

Please dress warmly with layers, and bring a chair or mat for sitting.

Teachers: Katie Dutcher & Jennifer Edwards

Saturday, March 24

1:00 - 4:00 pm

Carmel River State Beach


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