Mindful Moment: Notice When You Feel Happy


Ever notice how it's pretty easy to notice moments of fear, anger, and being miserable...but sometimes the happy moments, times of satisfaction, connection, and just plain old "being ok" seem to flow by quickly, sometimes without even registering?

This is because we humans have a negativity bias, something which evolved to keep us safe...but now can feel like a real bummer. 

We can, however, try tipping the balance by paying special attention to the positive. Notice when you're happy, heck, even notice and appreciate when you're just feeling ok! It makes a difference. (See Rick Hanson's great article on this.)

Are you feeling happy right now? Spread the happiness-- comment and tell us about it!

"Mindful Moments" is a series that Marianne and Katie developed as "micro-practices" with the intention of offering inspirations to pause, notice, connect, and reflect in the course of daily life. These are suggestions of ways to fold more moments of mindfulness into your day to cultivate "Being Aware & Being Kind."

If you'd like to have these in physical form, we've also made these photos into a desk set-- a deck of 31 cards, in a little bag along with an easel. You can take a look here.

mindful moments deck.jpg