The two lunchtime meditations that I participated in at your Studio have stayed with me (I visited nearly a month ago now). You’ve created a sanctuary. The loving, compassionate intention of your space and service was so affecting. You each have your own calming presence, voice, and style that felt so good to be in the presence of— I felt reaching equanimity was possible in that space, with your gentle attention.
— Amy
Joining the Monterey Bay Meditation Studio ‘family’ has made a dramatic and positive affect on how I live my life. I am able to savor joy and happiness while also realizing how, when faced with difficulties, I am able to acknowledge them but not let them define me. I have gained a sense of calm, peacefulness and compassion. Every time I attend a session at the studio, I leave with added wisdom and gratitude for what has been offered to me that day.
— Sarah
My time spent in classes at Monterey Bay Meditation Studio has strengthened my practice of mindfulness and meditation. I have finished each class with a strong sense of appreciation of my life. With all of its ups and downs, it is mine, and I am starting to enjoy each day, each encounter. My responses to my life are more positive and more hopeful.
— Tom
Monterey Bay Meditation Studio is my refuge! I always walk away feeling refreshed, calm, inspired and encouraged. My meditation practice & my understanding of mindfulness wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the courses offered at MBMS. We are so fortunate to have the studio & talented teachers in this area. I will be forever grateful!
— Emily
I have learned and benefited a great deal from each class I’ve taken at Monterey Bay Meditation Studio. Katie & Marianne are skilled facilitators who generously share their compassion and wisdom. I highly recommend!
— Tanya

It would be lovely for everyone to have an experience like this, with such experienced and gentle teachers. The world would be a different place.
— Anonymous