Guided Meditations

Marianne Rowe guides this meditation inviting clarity about your reasons to create time for your meditation practice. Knowing what brings you to "the cushion" helps stabilize attention and is essential to cultivating a consistent, sustained meditation practice.

Marianne Rowe guides a meditation of befriending yourself when you're facing challenges, feeling overwhelmed or feeling lonely. This practice invokes sensing of caring and being cared-for, as it invites a gentle well-wishing for yourself. 

Marianne Rowe guides a meditation that invites opening the heart to sense and appreciate what is here, right now, as a doorway to deeply experience presence and gratitude for being alive.

Katie Dutcher guides a mindful check-in with awareness of breath, body sensations, thoughts and emotions. This can be used anytime and anywhere, and can be especially grounding during challenging or stressful times. 

Katie Dutcher guides a meditation with awareness of breath, body sensations, sounds, thoughts and emotions, and choiceless awareness.

Katie Dutcher guides a body scan meditation with awareness of breath and systematic scanning of body sensations. 

Katie Dutcher guides you in checking in with how you're feeling, inviting a sense of calm by releasing tense muscles, and letting yourself follow the rhythm of your breathing.

Katie Dutcher invites you to gear up for the day by bringing awareness to your breath, remembering those who support you, and calling upon your inner resources. Start your day by bringing forth your courage, strength, tenacity, openness, and self-compassion.

Katie Dutcher leads a short meditation to help engage a sense of safety and strength. 


Gentle Yoga

Katie Dutcher guides a gentle lying yoga practice to cultivate awareness of the body. 

Katie Dutcher guides a standing yoga practice to cultivate awareness of the body.