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Awakening to Interconnection


What if we embodied a new way of being in the world?

What if we lived from love rather than from fear?
What if we based our interactions on our shared humanity rather than on differing concepts?
What if we recognized that every perspective has a piece of the Truth and no perspective has the whole Truth…and what if we listened with curiosity to hear the pieces of Truth?
What if our realization of interconnectedness made an evolutionary difference?

How would the world be different, then?

In the community of this retreat, we find the courage to explore and deconstruct the old stories and make conscious choice in the creation of our new stories-- ones that open our hearts. Here, we connect with others from a place curiosity and compassion, choosing the path of evolution. We invite a mode of being that is beyond personal perspective through:

Creativity, Relating, Meditation, Movement, Reflection, Ritual, & Ceremony

As the forest holds each tree and the ocean holds each wave, we can hold the perspective of the totality as well as each single entity.

Are you ready to wake up to other ways of viewing, being with, and existing in the world? 
Are you ready to accept the challenge of exploring your own worldview assumptions?

Thank you for your interest. Registration for this retreat is now closed.

Later Event: May 5
Forest Bathing