Time Traveling with Intention


by Marianne Rowe


Lately, I’m learning more and more about engaging connection, clarity, and confidence as keys to creating the life I want to live in. I’m seeing how my cognitive and emotional filters affect not only my perception of what’s occurring in present time, but my perception of possibilities for the future.

Reading Jude Currivan’s The Cosmic Hologram and Charles Eisenstein’s The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible has me feeling more connected to larger fields of being. Diving into Dean Radin’s Real Magic has inspired me to really pay attention to my thoughts and intuitions, and to their potential in how I shape my experience.



So, when Katie and I recently took ourselves on an Envisioning Retreat for Monterey Bay Meditation Studio, I decided to bring these expanded views along.

On this retreat, we spent a day in deep exploration of what wants to emerge in The Studio’s offerings, space, and community. After hours of brainstorming, discussing, and processing, we ended-up with six clear intentions – what we are inviting to come through The Studio into the world.

We then went through the Idea List that we’ve been building for the past couple years and identified which of these six intentions each idea served. From that place we zoomed-in further to commit time and attention to the realization of several ideas as the “next steps.”

Through this organic process, we deepened connection, clarity and confidence with the seeds that we’re planting right now in service of a nourishing harvest in the future.



But Wait, There’s More… Embodiment and Visualization

Now, for the Time Travel part …

To sense these intentions as having a past, present and future, and to put them into motion, I took them on a Labyrinth walk.


The Entry:

Before stepping into the labyrinth, I whispered each of the intentions, sensing them as something that I feel called to support with my attention, energy and time.

The Past:

Slowing walking inward, towards the center of the labyrinth, I sensed both specific and unknown aspects of my life that have played a part in my coming to value these intentions. With each step, I felt gratitude for the guides, teachers, and choices— sometimes comfortable and easy, sometimes painful and challenging— that have led me to being at this particular place, at this particular time, in these particular circumstances.


The Present:

Reaching the center of the labyrinth, I paused again to whisper each of the intentions as a recognition of being where I’m supposed to be— right here, right now.


The Future:

 After circling the center three times, I began walking slowly on the path moving outward. With each step, I imagined what it would look, feel, and sound like to be living in the world that these intentions would create— letting myself walk with the humility into the unknown with a sense of how I want to show up and what I want to offer.


The Launch:

Reaching the end of the path, I paused again to whisper the intentions, asking for the courage, strength, and resources that would support the realization of these callings into being. Then, I stepped onto the pavement and looked up to see a hawk soaring above the redwoods… The hawk piece was a bonus; it may not happen every time this process is engaged— there may be other signs of encouragement and support.


The Journey:

Since that day, I’ve felt and experienced a shift … a feeling of connection, clarity and confidence as I move through each day along the path of serving these intentions of being aware and being kind.


You Can Try this at Home

If you don’t have a nearby labyrinth to walk, no worries… you can engage this process through this guided meditation made on our Envisioning Retreat:  

Marianne leads a meditation for calling in what inspires you.


You can also “let your finger do the walking” with a printed labyrinth, such as this one:


However you decide to Time Travel with Intention, the key is in engaging your powers of intuition, imagination, and illumination in service of realizing and attuning to the wisdom of your heart and mind… in service of living the way you want to be remembered.