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“The question of how to be in relationship is no other than the question of how to live.” -- John Welwood

What happens when we bring presence, authenticity and acceptance into our way of being with each other? What happens when we practice and play together in a way that cultivates compassionate awareness of ourselves, each other, and the world? What happens when we co-create a safe space for developing consciousness, connection, and community?

Come on over and find out. As we interweave mindfulness, compassion and relational practices, we will discover, explore and celebrate relationship at a deeper level. These “Games” are facilitated by Marianne Rowe, MS, a licensed marriage & family therapist, meditation practitioner & teacher, and trained facilitator of Authentic Relating Games & Integral Circling.

3rd Saturday of Each Month

11:00 AM-1:00 PM

$20 (4 drop-in Credits)



January 20: Connecting with Self: Inner Knowing

February 17: Connecting with Other: Extending Regard

March 17: Connecting with Authenticity: Transparency & Permeability

April (No Games)

May 19: Connecting with their World: Expanded Perspectives

June 16: Connecting with Humanity: Shared Reality

July 21: Connecting with Self: Inner Knowing

August 18: Connecting with Other: Extending Regard

September 15: Connecting with Authenticity: Transparency & Permeability

October 20: Connecting with their World: Expanded Perspectives

November 17: Connecting with Humanity: Shared Reality

December (No Games)