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Breaking Free: Engaging Intentionally with Your Devices

  • Monterey Bay Meditation Studio (map)
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Our phones and devices have become part of our lives, objects that accompany us wherever we go. We've come to love the usefulness that these devices offer, and yet for many of us, our current relationship with our devices feels out-of-control or unhealthy.

What would it be like to engage intentionally with technology— and often to disengage intentionally— in service of connecting with what really matters?

In this course, we’ll explore our relationship with our most-used technology and, with an eye toward greater well-being, consciously craft a new relationship that better serves us.

Much of the content for this course will be drawn from the book, “How to Break Up with Your Phone” by Catherine Price. Participants are highly recommended to borrow or purchase a copy.

Teacher: Katie Dutcher
Tuesdays, September 4, 11, 18, & 25
5:30-7:00 pm

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