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Sacred Sounds of the Crystal Medicine Singing Bowls

  • Monterey Bay Meditation Studio 529 Central Ave, Suite 201A Pacific Grove, CA 93950 (map)
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ValiAnna invites you to experience the magical healing qualities of the Crystal Medicine Singing Bowls. Sound is something everyone can use to clear and release all the pent-up energies, stuck or rigid thought forms and beliefs, blockages, and the resistance that keeps us from expressing our joy and loving the life we live.

By raising your vibrations, they restore the balance, health, and harmony to your body, mind, and spirit.

ValiAnna found the crystal singing bowls eight years ago in Mt. Shasta after a camping trip. She purchased two beautiful Alchemy crystal bowls, and after living with and playing them for herself, she realized how much they touched her heart and were transforming her life. She knew that she needed to share these powerful transformational tools with others. She has studied with Tom Kenyon, a world renowned Sound Healer, and received her sound healer's certification. ValiAnna has recently started her private practice in Pacific Grove. She facilitates groups sessions, home clearings, weddings, births, and final life transcendings. Her life's mission now is sharing the power of sound vibrations for the transformation of humanity. ValiAnna is a magikal alchemist, and with her many years of Shamanic studies, together with these special singing bowls, weaves a gentle opening and healing of the heart to the soul.

Teacher: ValiAnna Francis
Saturdays, May 5 & June 16
6:00-7:00 pm
$25 each session