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A Space for Meditation, Connection, Reflection and Learning

Personal Practice and Coaching

We offer individualized instruction, practice, and mindfulness coaching for those who would benefit from a one-on-one environment or who would like a session or program designed for their specific group. We love designing practice and instruction that is especially suited for you!

Personal Mindfulness Coaching with Katie Dutcher

Katie offers personal coaching sessions to foster development in specific areas. Coaching incorporates support, practice, reflection, and discussion, and tailored to the client's needs. Read more and set up a free consulting session at Flourish & Bloom.

Private Meditation & Instruction

Katie and Marianne offer private meditation and instruction to individuals, couples, and small groups. On vacation on the Peninsula and would like to book in some time for stillness and reflection? Looking for a new way to build your relationship as a couple? Simply wanting your own time to practice and to ask all the questions about meditation that you've been afraid to ask? There are many reasons to seek private meditation and instruction! Send an inquiry using this form, and we'll contact you to design and schedule your session.

Workshops & Trainings

We offer specially-crafted workshops and trainings for groups who are interested in incorporating mindfulness into their culture. Tailored curricula supports corporate and civic groups, educators, administrators, and others in incorporating the concepts and vocabulary of compassion and awareness into their work and relationships as a group. Send an inquiry using this form, and we'll contact you to discuss the needs of your group.

Individualized sessions can create a wonderful foundation of support and refreshment for your practice Planned around your schedule Designed to fit you and your intentions